Youth Projects

YouthYoung people are vital to everything we do as a foundation. We make sure they’re always considered and represented in every program and initiative we support. Our Lions ensure their global efforts support youth in need, while also giving young people the opportunity to serve.Leos Special Olympics Young Leaders in Service Lion Lifeskills 

Childhood Cancer

Childhood CancerThe next generation’s ability to thrive is closely tied to the supports of the local community. Lions and Leos have seen and felt the effects of cancer on children and their families, and continue to bring hope through tangible service and support.Childhood Cancer Facts2 minutes a child is diagnosed with cancer every two minutes13%


EnvironmentThe earth sustains human life. We’ve seen how our stewardship of natural resources can improve quality of life and increase engagement in our local communities. Our environment is more than a background: it’s our home. And we’re committed to caring for it.Environment Facts>3 trillion trees in the world30% of the world’s land area is covered

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